Minister Asks Japan to Increase Market Capacity to Absorb RI Workers

Indonesia hopes Japan will increase its market`s capacity to absorb Indonesian workers including trainees and business sectors accessible by the workers, an Indonesian minister said.

Manpower Minister Erman Suparno expressed the hope here on Saturday in his speech at the signing of a memorandum of understanding with IMM which is an association of Japanese manpower supplier companies with members totalling up to 2,000.

“I have asked the IMM to increase the number of Indonesian workers to be allowed to work in Japan as well as the number of sectors accessible by the workers,” he said.

He made the statement in response to IMM President Kyoei Yanagisawa who had said in his speech at the occasion that the total number of trainees from Indonesia in Japan now reached 28,000.

Erman said “It is still small. If it can be raised only then will we be able to call the IMM`s achievement good.”

On the occasion the minister also explained about the country`s economic development efforts and investment.

He said Indonesia had made various efforts to attract investment. “I am inviting companies employing Indonesian workers to invest in Indonesia,” he said.

The memorandum of understand signed that day in essence is about improvement in the technical mechanism for sending workers and workers` welfare improvement.

To avoid problems that might rise between manpower suppliers and workers the minister suggested that the two parties set up a communication forum.

Before around 100 people who attended the signing including 50 executives from company partners of the IMM Yanagisawa also appealed to the companies to invest in Indonesia.

“I have visited Indonesia tens of times and seen a lot of improvement with regard to investment atmosphere,” he said.

The Indonesian ministry of manpower has cooperated with the IMM since 1993 and every year the IMM received between 1,000 to 2,000 Indonesian trainees.

Earlier Minister Erman also met with the leaders of the Japan International Training Cooperation (JITCO) to convey the same message.

Based on the JITCO data of 2005 the number of Indonesian workers in Japan totals 44,362 or is the second largest after China that reaches 287,095.

Other countries also sending a big number of workers to Japan are Vietnam (17,402), the Philippines (25,168), Thailand (16,777), Sri Lanka (1,579), India (950), Mongolia (905), Myanmar (332), Peru (96) and Laos (80).

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