School loan consolidation – New law will prove to be good investment

Nashville Tennessean – It includes reductions in subsidized loan borrower interest rates from 6.8 to 3.4 percent, caps monthly student loan payments at 15 percent of discretionary income for Stafford, Grad PLUS, and some consolidation-loan borrowers, and creates a loan

Student Loan Potpourri
Inside Higher Ed – to 39 colleges asking for information about their arrangements with University Financial Services, a student loan consolidation company The legislation would require lenders to give potential borrowers more information about interest rates, terms and

Accidentally Into the Loan Wars
Inside Higher Ed – As controversy has swirled around the student loan programs in recent rules allow guaranteed loan providers to cut their interest rates and fees in ways that direct loan it was free! (insert brochure, flyer, entrance, exit, consolidation talk

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